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Alma Corp. Group born 15 years ago, with a new concept with regard to Trade Marketing and the elements supply for outlets. Experience accumulated over 25 years of performance in both the local market and international

We formed a team of professionals, which enables us to meet the needs of customers with originality, speed, balanced costs and high end quality.


Since 2003, in response to an international trend, we began to develop a line of products for visual communication that were easily transportable and easy assembly. As they progressed in their development, specialization in Advertising Instant Portable was created, being the first to bring it to market in our country. As the number of customers grew, they decided to form a separate division called "Expobanderas" which has now taken a very important development, one of the market leaders.

This development was forcing us to specialize in printing on biodegradable fabric sublimation process for high contrast, which achieves a quality similar to traditional print graphic on paper, but on all fabrics. Until this process companies used vinyl tarps as the sole support for visual communication, this being a highly environmental contaminant. While the fabrics used by Expobanderas take less than three months to be absorbed by the ground, a vinyl canvas requires more than two hundred years to achieve the same goal. This means that companies have a new material for use in accordance with the global trend of being environmentally friendly.

In Expobanderas we pride ourselves on providing quality products, dedicated customer service with excellent after-sales service, which has positioned us as a leading provider in the Latin American market.

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